Ready to create a unique event brand fast - in 5 days or less - but don't know how?

Event Brand Bootcamp is a quick workshop and tutorial bundle to help you create an event brand fast so you can get going planning & promoting your event

There's no need to take this process to a committee, eating up weeks of your time, or spend thousands of dollars for an ad agency to create a brand for you.

You can do this solo in 5 days or less

Why Event Brand Bootcamp?

I'm Alicia. I'm the owner of Ripple Event Marketing and the creator of Event Brand Bootcamp.

I'm a nonprofit event specialist. I have been planning nonprofit fundraising events since 2010.

I've coordinated over 100 events and worked with dozens of nonprofits around the midwest.

The competition for sponsors, donors, supporters and event attendees (or viewers) grows each year, as the number of fundraising events increases.

So how can your event stand out from the competition? The first step is to have a compelling brand name.

All too often nonprofits will default to naming their event whatever the event type is.

Naming your gala the _____ gala doesn't really set you apart from the 10,863 other galas.

So, I asked myself...

How can I help the leaders of small nonprofits create a unique event brand quickly and efficiently?

It didn't take me very long to realize the solution was right in front of me.

I needed to simply take the strategy I've been using for years with my clients and put it into a step-by-step guide.

A process that you do on your own, no committee meetings necessary, is very inexpensive and gets results fast - like 5 days or less fast.

Now, I want to teach it to you!

I took Event Brand Bootcamp to help me create a brand for an educational event. The steps Alicia walked me through helped me to brainstorm, get clarity and decide on important brand elements for the event. The step-by-step process was easy to follow and helped me build important elements on top of each other. 

-       Traci Warnberg-Lemm

Inside Event Brand Bootcamp

If you're planning a brand new event, you can't do anything until you have that important first piece - the brand.

You can't create a Save the Date, sponsor materials or start promoting your event.

Through Bootcamp, you're going to follow a strategic process for creating an event brand that will have you on your way in 5 days or less.

Here's what you'll learn:

✔️ What makes a good event brand

✔️ The difference between an event brand and a theme

✔️ How to define your audience

✔️ A spot check to ensure the event you're planning will appeal to your target audience

✔️ A brainstorm process opening the Flood G.A.T.E.

✔️ How to use the Paper Doll Method™ to come up with event names.

✔️ The criteria for a solid event brand using a brand scorecard

✔️ How to select your final event name using the 2-Step Bounce™ process

Who's Event Brand Bootcamp for?

Nonprofit Leaders and Event Planners

If you're in charge of coordinating events for your nonprofit, this course is for you. No matter what your title is...

  • Executive Director
  • Development Director
  • Office Manager
  • Event Manager
  • Program Coordinator

Whether you're creating an event from scratch or need to rebrand an existing event, Event Brand Bootcamp will get you results fast.

It doesn't matter what type of event you're hosting or the purpose of it, you need a unique event brand that speaks to your target audience.

Don't default to calling your event the _________ Gala, 5K, or whatever the type of event you're hosting.

Stand out from your competitors and get more viewers or attendees.

Grab Event Brand

Bootcamp™ today!

Now only $27 (a $197 value)

Lock this price in today. Price is going up soon!

What if...

  • You could create an event brand without waiting for lightning to strike or some creative epiphany?
  • You could create a brand without taking it to a committee?
  • It didn't take weeks or even months to create a brand?
  • It didn't cost much - time or money?

You don't need tons of money or time to make this happen. In fact, speed is the name of the game.

I've laid out this quick workshop so you have easy lessons and assignments to implement each day, finishing in 5 days or less

Each lesson should take you an hour or less per day!

Here's what's in Event Brand Bootcamp...

5-Day Game Plan
5-Day Game Plan

Bootcamp follows a strategic process, with lessons that build on each other. The 5-day game plan walks you through the process step by step to keep you from getting frustrated & overwhelmed

Bootcamp Workbook

Your workbook not only walks you through the Bootcamp process, it becomes a valuable tool when it comes to planning and promoting your event.

Paper Doll Method

Create 10 event name ideas using my proprietary Paper Doll Method.

Brand Scorecard

Select the best name for your event by running your 10 name ideas through the brand scorecard.

Bonus #1

The Theme Scheme

A workbook and process similar to Bootcamp that will help you create an event theme.

Bonus #2
Creative Brief Template

Download the template, fill it out and send to your graphic designer so they can get working on your event logo.

Bonus #3

Canva Tutorial

Canva is a fantastic free tool for creating fun graphics and materials for your event. This brief tutorial shows you how to use the key features in Canva.

Wow! That's a lot for only...$27 Really?!

Yep. The Event Brand Bootcamp workshop is worth ten times what I'm charging.

But my goal is to make it a no-brainer price for you.

The two biggest struggles in the nonprofit world are limited time and (almost) no budget. I've solved both problems.

I've priced it so there's no need to get approval from the board or a committee. Just grab your copy and go!

Here's how it works...

① Grab your digital copy of Event Brand Bootcamp

② Check your inbox for login info so you can get started today

③ Follow the 5-day framework and create your unique event brand - fast!

④ Once you have your event name, send the creative brief (in bonus section) to your designer so they can create your logo and you can get started securing sponsors and promoting your event!


What if I'm not creative?

You don't need to be. An event brand name isn't created through some magical epiphany.

I walk you through the steps that will help you create a brand that is unique to your organization and will resonate with your audience.

What if I'm already too busy?

You don't need months or even weeks to create your event brand.

Event Brand Bootcamp is a 5-day framework that's meant to be completed in less than 1 hour per day. You can do this!

Can I try it then get a refund?

Due to the digital nature of Event Brand Bootcamp - and the fact that you could consume it in just a few short hours - we do not offer refunds.

The reality? Once you complete Boot Camp, you're going to be wondering what else you can brand.

When does this start?

It starts as soon as you join! This is a self-paced, instant access course. All you have to do is sign up!

As soon as you get access to the course you can start the lessons and go as quickly or slowly as you like.

How do I join?

Great question?

Simply click the button below, fill out the information, check your inbox for login info and you're on your way!